When things come to a head something has to give


Have you ever bottled something up for so long that you feel you are literally fit to burst. A bit like that small spot that develops a life of its own to become what seems to be the biggest carbuncle in history. A boil that hurts and festers and draws all your energy and attention away from your everyday living. The biggest reddest most disgusting boil that needs to be hidden away so badly that you won’t even leave the house without full covering or something akin to a balaclava. Well you may be pleased to hear you are not on your own.

I’m collecting tips, ideas and encouraging words to put into a little ‘Self Help Booklet’ that deals with dealing with overwhelming stress. I would very much like any input and comments you are willing to share.

Full credit will be given – first names only (don’t worry I won’t publish your full name and address – unless that’s what you want of course? LOL)

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Love n light Julie xx

A Day Well Lived
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