When one door closes another opens …


Well that’s how the saying goes according to my dear old mum. It’s certainly been the year of closing doors in the UK both figuratively speaking and in practical terms.

We received notice last week that our main outlet for selling collectables is closing it’s doors for good. For over 30 years we have used Clitheroe Collectors Market and Car Boot for both buying and selling with varied success, but it was consistently part of our lives. All came to a screeching halt March 2020 when the Government instructed us all to cease all activity, stay home and keep away from all other people where possible.

The stock was unpacked into any available space, a lot of it in the house initially (and a few family members houses too). So what do we do next?

Going all online has been in development and is going well – but heck! it’s so sooooo time consuming. Unlike the ‘pack a box’ ‘unpack a box’ ‘sell stuff’ and then ‘pack the box to go home’ model it’s – sort the stuff, think about the stuff, research the stuff, scan the stuff, list the stuff, advertise the stuff, keep the stuff in stockroom where you can find it again ….. and it goes on and on and on. Then of course there comes the selling side – get the sale, process the sale, find the product, pack the product and post the product.

Not moaning just having a moment of revelation and acknowledging how tired I am.

Wish the car boots were back on!!! Hahaha – never thought I’d admit to missing 4am starts and standing all day – many times outside as well.

So – that’s the thoughts for today my lovelies.

Take care, love n light, Julie xx



A Day Well Lived
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