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Lizzie Ellen likes climbing trees, lying in long grass, listening to her small transistor radio and watching the clouds as they move across the sky.

Her favourite sounds are the crunch of crispy leaves being walked through and the wind blowing through the trees at any time of year. How it howls and whines in the winter, then it sounds all full and full of rustle in the summer followed by crispy crunches in the autumn.

Lizzie Ellen loves to eat marshmallows, pink or white, no preference but size does matter. The best ones are those that are just perfect to fit in the mouth in one go. Biting one in half is not an option when it comes to eating the perfect marshmallow. No fun in that!

Her favourite drink in Banana milkshake, freshly made is the best but pre-prepared in a bottle will do if a fresh one isn’t available.

Lizzie loves to wear jeans, floppy flowery blouses and jumpers that are too big for her. Her favourite shoes are Scholl sandals (the clog type) open toes for summer which go clickerty click when she walks.

Lizzie’s favourite type of reading is about people who have adventures, real or imagined. Stories about people you could possibly meet in passing on the bus, plane, train or a waiting room. Not stories about people you might not usually come across in everyday life. She hates reading about things in the news and hums a tune in her head to block out the evils of the world shown on TV.

Lizzie Ellen loves to colour, paint, draw and sketch, but never get the chance these days. It seems too frivolous and non-productive in 21st century Britain. How wrong she is!!

Lizzie needs to give herself more time to do the things that are good for her soul.

Today is the day that quest begins.

Good Luck to Lizzie Ellen and all who have a little bit of LE in their souls.


Goethe Quote: Begin it now

“What You Can Do, or Dream You Can, Begin It – Boldness Has Genius, Power and Magic in it. Begin it now”

Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, Begin it now!

Attributed to Goethe but not his words – that doesn’t take away the sentiment or motivational nature of the quote though.

So who really said it first? ….


Daily Doings

2nd June – What made today a day well lived?

A peaceful walk through the park listening to the bird song, watching families play on the swings and dogs bounding with delight at the freedom.

A Spring walk in the park
Sunshine Park Walking

Make your own choices …

You are as powerful and as strong as you allow yourself to be

Robyn Davidson

Articles Motivation

Making a Vision Board 5 Easy Steps

How do you Make Vision Boards? Making a vision board is easy and can be achieved with very little resources and minimal effort.

Vision boards when done in an easy no stress way are far more effective in fact than those that are completed under pressure. They have the ability to tap into your deep subconcious desires by taking this relaxed approach.

Vision board are for you to create a space for you to identify and remind yourself what really matters in your life.

So if you’re ready – let’s go …

You will need:

* A large piece of paper or notice board
* Something to attach cuttings to your paper or board (glue or pins)
* A selection of magazines, leaflets, brochures or printouts to use for ideas
* Scissors
* Time for yourself

What to do:

1. Pick your time and set the mood. Do what works for you. The whole thing does not need to be done in one go. You can split your time up into blocks – perhaps 15 to 20 minutes to go through source material. Tear out photos, articles, words and colours that instinctively appeal to YOU. No thought of what someone else might think. This is ABOUT YOU

2. The next block of time is to cut up the photos and articles. Take about 10 to 15 minutes. Trim them to shapes that please you. Not everything needs to be how it was presented to you. A square picture can be made round, oval, heart shaped or cut to your own style. Look for letters and words that mean something to you. These can be cut from whole sentences to suit YOU.

3. The last block of time is taken to arrange the cuttings on your paper or board. You don’t need to use ALL your cuttings. Be as creative or as orderly and structured as YOU choose to be. There’s no right or wrong in this activity.

4. When you are happy with your creation glue or pin the cuttings in place.

5. Finally, have a think about what your board is telling you about you, your life, your ambitions and dreams. Make a note of these things, either in a diary, a mental note or on your phone.

Take a step back, SMILE and GIVE A DEEP SIGH OF RELIEF

The next step will be to plan what actions to take to achieve your dreams and goals.


NB You can do another vision board at any time and make it focus just on one topic such as a home decor makeover. DO NOT LIMIT YOURSELF

Get Your Own Magnificent Vision Board Kit – Create a Board of Your Ambitions – Use The Power of Intention to Achieve Your Dream Here From Amazon >>>>

Editor's Diary Projects

What do you think the future of the NHS will look like?

I was asked to write a final piece of work about my vision for the NHS in 70 years. This was for my online course entitled the NHS Explained: How the Health System in England Really Works run by the Kings Fund.

What the NHS could look like in 70 years’ time. Whow – that takes a long leap into the future, especially when you consider the advances over the past 70 years.  I will give it a go though. In fact projecting myself 70 years forward has proved to be quite an entertaining, exciting and at times a somewhat frightening experience.

My professional life is spent ‘online’ developing websites; using available programmes and online systems to aid users find products and use information that is useful for them.  Developing this thought and work further would mean that I might need to take a paradigm shift into the world of AI (Artificial Intelligence). Not as fanciful as you might imagine. Only this morning [Sunday 30 June 2019] on the BBC Andrew Marr show foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt MP, said that in his opinion the future of the UK is technology based and all that that encompasses, including the development and use of nano technology and artificial intelligence. He pointed out that we (the UK) have the top universities that develop technology in Europe and are at the top of the world league tables also.

The smart home already exists and when we can we as consumers seem quite happy to pay for the services that are provided making use of our ‘personal home assistants’ to organise our lives. So, it’s not a far leap to take this to the area of looking after our healthcare.  People would probably be expected to take personal responsibility for their own health with the assistance of various continual monitoring systems such as health bands, smart watches and smart homes with integrated scanners and implants.  If I understand it correctly the soon to be used 5g technology will change the face of wireless communications completely by using existing wiring and electrical systems as conduits for information.  We could therefore be ‘monitored’ in every way possible.

I can see a time when the NHS would be a UK wide centralised ‘business’ where most services and  specialist consultants would be available online with full access to patients data, with the patients consent of course. This system already exists to some extent and is used daily by many of the UK population, whereby they have full access to their own medical records, book in to see the doctor of their choice and self refer to various departments within the NHS for help with sorting health issues.

This is where my vivid imagination ran away with me where the ‘house’ – which now monitors everything – would perhaps decide that a person’s medication wasn’t having the desired outcome, so would take it upon itself to order a different type. This medication would be delivered on the same day of course by some kind of mini-drone or an automated truck.

However, even that is probably an outdated idea even as I type.  Who knows what will still be here with regards to NHS health systems in 70 years – especially if AI has a hand in it.

Signing off for now.

Julie –

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We’ve had a massive tidy up …

… hello all my lovely readers.  You may have noticed that the site looked somewhat bare of content this month.  We’ve had a massive tidy-up and deleted loads of old post that were marketing out of date products.

Don’t worry – we’re working hard on finding great products and services that we are sure you will love.

Drop me a line if you’re looking for anything special and I’ll see what I can pull out of the box.

Chat later

Love n Light

Julie x

Daily Doings

3rd June Today I Am Grateful For …

  • Clear blue skies
  • Birdsong
  • Freshly brewed coffee
  • Loving friends and family



What is MOJO?

“Mojo is being positive in everything you do to the point where it is obvious to those around that you are proud of your work and achievement.”

Quote: Marshall Goldsmith


We each have the right …

We each have the right to pursue our own happiness … It’s not about being better than anyone else. It’s about being better than you used to be.

Wayne Dyer