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My first post ….

There’s nothing so scary as a blank page when you feel the urge to write but are not sure what to write.  So, in the time honoured tradition of ‘auto-writing’ I’m resting my fingers on the keyboard and just seeing what come out!

Have you ever felt as if ‘time was running out’? Do you find yourself shocked when something like a song comes on the TV with a year attached when it charted? Do you ever wonder where all the years have gone and what happened to all the plans you had of doing things ‘one day’?

Well, welcome to the club.

It’s a bit of a jolt and wake-up call isn’t it?

So – I have decided that I need to

1. start to appreciate this day that we have so graciously been granted.
2. Make plans for ‘doing things’ in the near, middle and far future.
3. Make no excuses and follow through with our plans.

If you would like to join me on the quest for change then you are more than welcome.

I have set up a Facebook page as well if you’re a FB user – /ADayWellLivedUK/

Looking forward to your company on this journey.

A Day Well Lived
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