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Welcome To A Day Well Lived

Welcome to A Day Well Lived’s new website.

This post is a placeholder designed to say ‘Hello’ to our site visitors, tell you a little bit about the site and help us in developing the design.

A Day Well Lived aims to post tips on making today your ‘happy time’ – encouraging readers to leave behind the past and to look forward to a bright new future whilst living the best day you can, know how and are able TODAY.

We will be asking the question what makes today feel like it has been ‘A Day Well Lived’?

What kind of things makes a person appreciate their time on this planet? Topics covered will include Body, Mind and Spirit.

We hope you will join us and contribute your thoughts, tips and tell us about your journey.

Look forward to seeing more of you.

Love n Light – Julie


PS I also need to pay for the running of my website so I’m sourcing some great deals and products that seem fun, useful and entertaining.  I get a very small commission on sales – so any support is greatly appreciated. THANKYOU!