All about Lizzie Ellen


Lizzie Ellen likes climbing trees, lying in long grass, listening to her small transistor radio and watching the clouds as they move across the sky.

Her favourite sounds are the crunch of crispy leaves being walked through and the wind blowing through the trees at any time of year. How it howls and whines in the winter, then it sounds all full and full of rustle in the summer followed by crispy crunches in the autumn.

Lizzie Ellen loves to eat marshmallows, pink or white, no preference but size does matter. The best ones are those that are just perfect to fit in the mouth in one go. Biting one in half is not an option when it comes to eating the perfect marshmallow. No fun in that!

Her favourite drink in Banana milkshake, freshly made is the best but pre-prepared in a bottle will do if a fresh one isn’t available.

Lizzie loves to wear jeans, floppy flowery blouses and jumpers that are too big for her. Her favourite shoes are Scholl sandals (the clog type) open toes for summer which go clickerty click when she walks.

Lizzie’s favourite type of reading is about people who have adventures, real or imagined. Stories about people you could possibly meet in passing on the bus, plane, train or a waiting room. Not stories about people you might not usually come across in everyday life. She hates reading about things in the news and hums a tune in her head to block out the evils of the world shown on TV.

Lizzie Ellen loves to colour, paint, draw and sketch, but never get the chance these days. It seems too frivolous and non-productive in 21st century Britain. How wrong she is!!

Lizzie needs to give herself more time to do the things that are good for her soul.

Today is the day that quest begins.

Good Luck to Lizzie Ellen and all who have a little bit of LE in their souls.

A Day Well Lived
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