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When one door closes another opens …

Well that’s how the saying goes according to my dear old mum. It’s certainly been the year of closing doors in the UK both figuratively speaking and in practical terms.

We received notice last week that our main outlet for selling collectables is closing it’s doors for good. For over 30 years we have used Clitheroe Collectors Market and Car Boot for both buying and selling with varied success, but it was consistently part of our lives. All came to a screeching halt March 2020 when the Government instructed us all to cease all activity, stay home and keep away from all other people where possible.

The stock was unpacked into any available space, a lot of it in the house initially (and a few family members houses too). So what do we do next?

Going all online has been in development and is going well – but heck! it’s so sooooo time consuming. Unlike the ‘pack a box’ ‘unpack a box’ ‘sell stuff’ and then ‘pack the box to go home’ model it’s – sort the stuff, think about the stuff, research the stuff, scan the stuff, list the stuff, advertise the stuff, keep the stuff in stockroom where you can find it again ….. and it goes on and on and on. Then of course there comes the selling side – get the sale, process the sale, find the product, pack the product and post the product.

Not moaning just having a moment of revelation and acknowledging how tired I am.

Wish the car boots were back on!!! Hahaha – never thought I’d admit to missing 4am starts and standing all day – many times outside as well.

So – that’s the thoughts for today my lovelies.

Take care, love n light, Julie xx



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A nice simple egg salad lunch

It started out as a ‘what have we got left’ type of lunch and turned into a delicious, colourful and very satisfying lunch for two.

Leftover ingredients:

5 hard boiled eggs (originally destined for sandwiches but ran out of bread)
Part of an iceberg lettuce (great for chopping up)
1/2 a carrot (thinly sliced)
Red cabbage leftovers (raw and sliced)
The bottom of a jar of mayonnaise that needed using up due to date
A sprinkle of smoked paprika (store cupboard staple)

Method: slice eggs, arrange chopped salad and eggs on plate. Put mayonnaise wherever you see fit and sprinkle generously with smoked paprika.

Sit down and enjoy at your leisure.

And we did.  The plates got cleared and our tummies were very satisfied.

What a work of art!

Note to self: need to restock on eggs, mayo and salad ingredients.

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Excited to say I’ve just joined The Knitting Network

It’s simply years since I got my needles out and did some serious knitting.  I’ve just joined The Knitting Network which has renewed my passion.

Perhaps today’s weather doesn’t suit wrestling with wool but pretty soon the nights will start to draw in and I’ll be glad of the activity.

I’ve signed up so that if someone clicks to the Knitting Network site via the knitting network SHOP NOW banner I get the kudos and hopefully buys something then I get a small commission as well.

So – if you’re a closet (or very open) knitter and crafter then you might find some goodies to excite you as well.

Happy Knitting – ju x

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Face coverings don’t have to be clinical or boring y’know

New rules about wearing face coverings in shops come into force soon. As we’ve found out many supermarket shelves have been cleared by folks moving into hoarding mode – yet again! Reminicent of the toilet roll and pasta saga we saw earlier in the crisis.

Anyway – as we understand it you don’t need a clinical type mask to be allowed to travel on public transport or go into shops. The face covering has to meet certain guidelines – it needs to cover both your nose and mouth.

I had an email earlier today from a niche company called Firebox. Great products that make me laugh many times at the type of humour they have. Not for Everyone! That’s how they describe themselves. They can make facemasks with your own picture on – very funny! Click the picture below if you want to see what they have.

20% off Firebox Creations this weekend. Offer ends at Midday (BST) Monday 20th July 2020. Not code needed – applied at checkout.* – Homeware, lifestyle & gift shop for people with imaginationThey’re always on the hunt for the next cool thing.

FIREBOX – Not for Everyone

* small print – just in case people don’t realize if you click the link and buy (please) then I get a few pennies commission which all goes to keeping my website up and running.  Thanks – julie

Editor's Diary Motivation

Who is craving a return to sun with a holiday in Spain

The answer to that is probably ‘ WE ARE’.  Gosh, you don’t realise what you are missing until you can’t do it any more do you?
Although it’s no consolation really we have to make do with watching programmes on the TV showing glorious sunshine, beaches, airports and travel programmes.  It seems cruel at times to watch people such as our lovely Jane McDonald cruising the Med when it is MOST def NOT going to happen until well into next year.
So … to whet you appetite for you holiday in the sun I’m sharing a photo of a lovely bright shiney jet winging it’s way to somewhere marvellous I’m sure.

Ahhhhh …. those were the days.

So this year we will probably be taking our Holiday at Pontins

Anyone coming with us? We have a feeling it will be lovely.


“Pontins Holiday Parks and Sand Bay & Pakefield Holiday Villages are re-opening from 17th July 2020 in line with current government advice.

At this time they can only offer self catered breaks.

Following government guidelines there will be no entertainment and the activities on park will be limited as social distancing guidelines must be adhered to.

Pontins Holidays takes the health & safety of all its guests and staff very seriously and as such please be advised we will review and update this information as it is released by the government.

All parks and holiday villages are situated a stone’s throw from the beach; the weather is set to be fantastic; we look forward to welcoming you back.”

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My First Travel Video

Editor's Diary Motivation

Lockdown Survival Guide 2020

I don’t know about you but I think it’s been a tough 12 weeks hasn’t it? LOCKDOWN IS PAINFUL

One thing that got me through so far has been my fridge poster (hand-written … nothing posh or impressive) that reminded me daily of a few things I thought I needed to do to keep myself going OK.

There is no way I can claim I came up with it or put a copyright to it.  I read it on one of those many millions of social media posts that came before my eyes. If you recognise it and want me to add credit please let me know. Thanks – Julie

Anyway – here it is. Hope it helps you too somewhere along the way.

In a Day – Do What Works For YOU

Ask YOURSELF these questions – gently – no bullying of self

  1. Who have I contacted to give love and support?
  2. How have I kept my mind calm?
  3. What did I do to get some fresh air?
  4. How did I move my body to get / keep fit?
  5. What did I do to progress my work / life / future?
  6. What did I eat for optimal good health?
  7. What did I do to be creative / express myself?

And that’s it. Quite simple but effective.

Speaking of which I’ve done all on the checklist except plan a good meal for this evening.  Hope everyone is keeping safe and keeping well.

Love n light ju xx



Wildflower Walks & Cobweb Blowing

A blustery day can really clear the head and the cobwebs from the brain.  Today we nearly got blown off our feet going around the local park.  It was really super though – not complaining.

Trees swaying and rustling gave a sense that the world was getting moving again after the total freeze we have all experienced of late.  A time when literally time was standing still and so were the humans on this world.

All over the world it seems that when people can they are trying to get out and about to get life going again.  Nature is responding similarly with trees filling with lush leaves and wildflowers going crazy in abandoned plots all over the place.

Lovely. Let us live in hope that these are signs of recovery.



Hello Good Morning

just a line to say a very good morning.


My first post ….

There’s nothing so scary as a blank page when you feel the urge to write but are not sure what to write.  So, in the time honoured tradition of ‘auto-writing’ I’m resting my fingers on the keyboard and just seeing what come out!

Have you ever felt as if ‘time was running out’? Do you find yourself shocked when something like a song comes on the TV with a year attached when it charted? Do you ever wonder where all the years have gone and what happened to all the plans you had of doing things ‘one day’?

Well, welcome to the club.

It’s a bit of a jolt and wake-up call isn’t it?

So – I have decided that I need to

1. start to appreciate this day that we have so graciously been granted.
2. Make plans for ‘doing things’ in the near, middle and far future.
3. Make no excuses and follow through with our plans.

If you would like to join me on the quest for change then you are more than welcome.

I have set up a Facebook page as well if you’re a FB user – /ADayWellLivedUK/

Looking forward to your company on this journey.