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Lockdown Survival Guide 2020

I don’t know about you but I think it’s been a tough 12 weeks hasn’t it? LOCKDOWN IS PAINFUL

One thing that got me through so far has been my fridge poster (hand-written … nothing posh or impressive) that reminded me daily of a few things I thought I needed to do to keep myself going OK.

There is no way I can claim I came up with it or put a copyright to it.  I read it on one of those many millions of social media posts that came before my eyes. If you recognise it and want me to add credit please let me know. Thanks – Julie

Anyway – here it is. Hope it helps you too somewhere along the way.

In a Day – Do What Works For YOU

Ask YOURSELF these questions – gently – no bullying of self

  1. Who have I contacted to give love and support?
  2. How have I kept my mind calm?
  3. What did I do to get some fresh air?
  4. How did I move my body to get / keep fit?
  5. What did I do to progress my work / life / future?
  6. What did I eat for optimal good health?
  7. What did I do to be creative / express myself?

And that’s it. Quite simple but effective.

Speaking of which I’ve done all on the checklist except plan a good meal for this evening.  Hope everyone is keeping safe and keeping well.

Love n light ju xx



Wildflower Walks & Cobweb Blowing

A blustery day can really clear the head and the cobwebs from the brain.  Today we nearly got blown off our feet going around the local park.  It was really super though – not complaining.

Trees swaying and rustling gave a sense that the world was getting moving again after the total freeze we have all experienced of late.  A time when literally time was standing still and so were the humans on this world.

All over the world it seems that when people can they are trying to get out and about to get life going again.  Nature is responding similarly with trees filling with lush leaves and wildflowers going crazy in abandoned plots all over the place.

Lovely. Let us live in hope that these are signs of recovery.



Hello Good Morning

just a line to say a very good morning.


My first post ….

There’s nothing so scary as a blank page when you feel the urge to write but are not sure what to write.  So, in the time honoured tradition of ‘auto-writing’ I’m resting my fingers on the keyboard and just seeing what come out!

Have you ever felt as if ‘time was running out’? Do you find yourself shocked when something like a song comes on the TV with a year attached when it charted? Do you ever wonder where all the years have gone and what happened to all the plans you had of doing things ‘one day’?

Well, welcome to the club.

It’s a bit of a jolt and wake-up call isn’t it?

So – I have decided that I need to

1. start to appreciate this day that we have so graciously been granted.
2. Make plans for ‘doing things’ in the near, middle and far future.
3. Make no excuses and follow through with our plans.

If you would like to join me on the quest for change then you are more than welcome.

I have set up a Facebook page as well if you’re a FB user – /ADayWellLivedUK/

Looking forward to your company on this journey.

Editor's Diary

You might think the fear of dying would give impetus to life …..

…. well, that’s what I thought before experiencing the current world health crisis.  We’re living through a global pandemic. A threat to human life on a scale no one seems to have witnessed before called Coronavirus COVID-19 which has resulted in a world wide LOCKDOWN

I read newsfeeds on social media and e-magazine articles commenting that basically people just do not know how to handle it – and overall it’s accepted that this is OK because non of us have gone through anything comparable to this before.  Posts and blogs seem to have taken 2 distinct paths overall – firstly, those that are action based and promote a ‘now is the time’ to do all those things you’ve been putting off – such as learn a language, bake cakes, clear out the clutter, sort the garden, start an online business etc etc and the second path is a more spiritual ‘accept the gift‘ and find peace in your life. Learn to meditate, breathe and pray.

If you’re anything like me you may find yourself alternating between the two many times at different times all in the same day and being filled with thoughts, emotions, physical reactions and more besides that I find words can’t describe. At time in total paralysis and other times can’t keep still and full of activity.

You might have thought that having a blog named a Day Well Lived might give me some focus.  This website has been on and off for a couple of years if I’m truthful and I’ve struggled to know how to use it.  One of the first uses for it seemed trivial at the time. Talking about the little things in life that give comfort and happiness such as a walk in the park, holding the hand of a loved one, a hug from a friend and sharing a coffee at the local coffee shop.  When I first wrote those things I felt embarassed because they weren’t ground breaking examples of building a great career, experiences of a life time or coming up with anything astoundingly original, philosphical or groundbreaking.

How ironic (if that is the correct use of the term) that those very posts now (if I had kept them) would list the most precious things in the world to most of us now.  Things that I would think most people would hope we will all get the chance to experience again in the not too distanct future.

I wonder if we will remember how wonderous the small stuff really is when life ‘returns to normal’?

The Days of Lizzie Ellen

All about Lizzie Ellen

Lizzie Ellen likes climbing trees, lying in long grass, listening to her small transistor radio and watching the clouds as they move across the sky.

Her favourite sounds are the crunch of crispy leaves being walked through and the wind blowing through the trees at any time of year. How it howls and whines in the winter, then it sounds all full and full of rustle in the summer followed by crispy crunches in the autumn.

Lizzie Ellen loves to eat marshmallows, pink or white, no preference but size does matter. The best ones are those that are just perfect to fit in the mouth in one go. Biting one in half is not an option when it comes to eating the perfect marshmallow. No fun in that!

Her favourite drink in Banana milkshake, freshly made is the best but pre-prepared in a bottle will do if a fresh one isn’t available.

Lizzie loves to wear jeans, floppy flowery blouses and jumpers that are too big for her. Her favourite shoes are Scholl sandals (the clog type) open toes for summer which go clickerty click when she walks.

Lizzie’s favourite type of reading is about people who have adventures, real or imagined. Stories about people you could possibly meet in passing on the bus, plane, train or a waiting room. Not stories about people you might not usually come across in everyday life. She hates reading about things in the news and hums a tune in her head to block out the evils of the world shown on TV.

Lizzie Ellen loves to colour, paint, draw and sketch, but never get the chance these days. It seems too frivolous and non-productive in 21st century Britain. How wrong she is!!

Lizzie needs to give herself more time to do the things that are good for her soul.

Today is the day that quest begins.

Good Luck to Lizzie Ellen and all who have a little bit of LE in their souls.


Goethe Quote: Begin it now

“What You Can Do, or Dream You Can, Begin It – Boldness Has Genius, Power and Magic in it. Begin it now”

Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, Begin it now!

Attributed to Goethe but not his words – that doesn’t take away the sentiment or motivational nature of the quote though.

So who really said it first? ….


Daily Doings

2nd June – What made today a day well lived?

A peaceful walk through the park listening to the bird song, watching families play on the swings and dogs bounding with delight at the freedom.

A Spring walk in the park
Sunshine Park Walking

Make your own choices …

You are as powerful and as strong as you allow yourself to be

Robyn Davidson